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10 Things That Could’ve Happened In Mindhunter Season 3 If Netflix Hadn’t Canceled It


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Mindhunter season 3 could continue the story of the BTK Killer, as his character arc has already been established in the previous seasons.
  • The show could delve deeper into Tench’s family life and explore the potential psychological issues of his son, Brian.
  • Fans would like to see the return of Holden’s ex-girlfriend, Debbie, even if it’s just for a cameo appearance in season 3.



Mindhunter season 3 could continue the celebrated Netflix series in a number of creative and compelling ways. After Netflix canceled the David Fincher series after two critically acclaimed seasons, fans of the show have protested online for a much-deserved season 3. The cancelation of Mindhunter appears to be one of the biggest headscratchers pertaining to the streaming giant as its fanbase is essentially demanding that the show be renewed for further expansion. As a period piece, the series is likely an expensive project, which might have factored into Netflix’s decision.

One of the lead actors of Mindhunter, Holt McCallany, who recently starred in the critically acclaimed movie The Iron Claw, has stated he is open to returning to Mindhunter season 3 if it were to happen. Although it’s been quite some time since the series ended, it would not affect the timeline of a potential Mindhunter season 3 at all, especially since there were suggestions from the series producers that the show would jump ahead in time to Los Angeles in the 1980s. With this in mind, there are several ways that Mindhunter could continue in a highly-demanded season 3.



Mindhunter Season 3 Cancelation Gets A Candid Response From Bill Tench Actor

Mindhunter season 3’s cancelation on Netflix receives a candid response from Bill Tench actor Holt McCallany, who remains open to returning.

10 BTK Killer Continuation

Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford holding up a picture and Holt McCallany as Bill Tench in Mindhunter

Mindhunter seasons 1 and 2 both featured vignettes of the BTK Killer, also known by his legal name Dennis Rader. Tench files out to Kansas in season 2 to take a deeper dive into the BTK Killer case but is not able to come up with much conclusive direction toward catching him as a result. In reality, the BTK Killer wasn’t caught and arrested until 2005, some 25 years after the events in Mindhunter season 2. Because the BTK Killer scenes are already in the series, season 3 would likely continue that character arc.

9 Tench’s Wife & Son Narratives

Mindhunter season 2 shifted its focus from Holden’s personal life and dug more into Tench’s complicated family life at home, particularly with his very odd son, Brian. Brian has shown several signs of potentially being somewhat disturbed and having psychopathic tendencies, which would be incredibly ironic given Tench’s profession. Nancy and Tench try their best to guide Brian, who came from a troubled biological family, and season 3 would dig deeper into the truth about Brian’s potential psychological issues.

8 Holden’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Reappearance

Debbie Mitford in Mindhunter

Holden’s girlfriend, and eventual ex-girlfriend, Debbie, was a charming and thoughtful character in Mindhunter season 1 who completely disappeared in season 2. After appearing in all ten episodes of the first season, Debbie was completely disregarded in season 2, basically as if she never existed. Especially since it’s been so long since a new Mindhunter episode premiered, it would be nice to see Debbie’s familiar face in Mindhunter season 3, even if just for a cameo.

7 Agent Barney Character Arc

Jim Barney from Mindhunter

Agent Barney became an integral part of the Wayne Williams case in Mindhunter season 2, an investigation that takes over the last four episodes in Atlanta. Mindhunter season 3 could either continue Agent Barney’s character arc by giving him more responsibilities as part of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, or it could drop Barney to portray another supporting character. With all that Barney did in Mindhunter season 2, it would be somewhat surprising to not see his arc expanded in season 3.


15 Best Shows Like Mindhunter

The best shows like Mindhunter typically center on true crimes and murderers, and should intrigue fans of the David Fincher Netflix series.

6 Sunset Strip Killers Interview

Jonathan Groff in Netflix's Mindhunter

With the setting of the hypothetical Mindhunter season 3 expected to take place in Los Angeles in the 1980s, one of the best subjects that Tench and Holden could pursue is the Sunset Strip Killers. The Sunset Strip Killers, known individually as Doug Clark and Carol Bundy, began a murder spree in Hollywood that started in 1980, which would be perfect for the rumored timeline of Mindhunter season 3. The Sunset Strip Killers specifically targeted women involved with the nightlife of the Sunset Strip in LA, particularly sex workers.

5 More Wendy Carr

Anna Torv wearing headphones in Mindhunter

Dr. Wendy Carr was given a much bigger role in Mindhunter season 2 with more glimpses into her personal life, particularly her sexuality as a lesbian. Then, for whatever reason, Carr was sidelined in the Mindhunter season 2 finale and hardly appeared in the episode at all as Holden and Tench finished the case on Wayne Williams in Atlanta. Wendy Carr is one of the core protagonists in Mindhunter and should take up just as much, if not more, of the spotlight in a potential season 3.

4 Richard Ramirez Pursuit

Mindhunter Season 2

Richard Ramirez is an infamous Los Angeles serial killer would who be one of the most obvious candidates for Holden, Tench, and Carr to pursue in Mindhunter season 3. Also known as the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez terrorized the streets of Los Angeles and eventually San Francisco as well. Ramirez was most active in June 1984 until his capture in August 1985, and was sentenced to death in 1989 but died naturally in 2013 in prison.


The 15 Most Interesting Serial Killers On Mindhunter (& 5 They Should Have Had On The Show)

Mindhunter does a great job of examining the motivations behind real serial killers. These are some of the most interesting to be featured!

3 Southside Slayer Pursuit

Another solid serial killer option for Mindhunter season 3 to chronicle is the Southside Slayer, known also as Chester D. Turner. The Southside Slayer is considered one of the most egregious serial killers in the history of Los Angeles who sexually assaulted and murdered fourteen women between 1987 and 1998. The name “Southside Slayer” was created before Turner’s capture and became a sort of mythical figure that combined the crimes of several different killers, but Turner is considered the true Southside Slayer.

2 Wayne Williams Trial

Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter Season 2 Netflix

Following the capture of Wayne Williams in Mindhunter season 2, season 3 could have continued to follow the character through his murder trial and eventual conviction. With Williams’ trial beginning in 1982, it’s certainly plausible that Holden and Tench could have stayed involved even if the series spent most of its time in Los Angeles. Williams’ trial, which is chronicled in the Mindhunter book the series is based on, is particularly interesting since he wasn’t actually tried for any of the Atlanta Child Murders, instead being linked to 22 other deaths.

1 FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit Expansion

The success of the Wayne Williams case at the end of Mindhunter season 2 would have created a great launching pad for an even bigger and broader scope of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. The BSU experienced an expansive period of growth during the 1980s, including the creation of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime and the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. With so much potential for a Mindhunter season 3, it would be great if Fincher and Netflix got on board.

Mindhunter TV Poster


From executive producers David Fincher and Charlize Theron comes Mindhunter, a series that chronicles the founding of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit used to track and apprehend serial killers. Mindhunter follows Agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) as they work to establish a framework for understanding the minds of some of America’s most dangerous serial killers. Mindhunter adapts a number of true crime stories, including the BTK murders and the notorious Co-Ed Killer, Edmund Kemper.

Release Date
October 13, 2017

Jonathan Groff , Holt McCallany , Hannah Gross , Cotter Smith , Anna Torv , Stacey Roca , Cameron Britton , Michael Cerveris , Joe Tuttle , Lauren Glazier



Story By
Joshua Donen, Josh Douglas, Mark Olshaker, Courtenay Miles

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