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10 Scenes That Were Cut from Disney Movies Because They Were too Dark

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Disney movies tend to be known for being child-friendly projects. Filled with happy musical numbers and bright colors, is there anything in a Disney movie that is terrible for kids to see? Except, that is not entirely true. Disney movies are filled with deeper meanings and dark events. The Lion King allowed viewers to see Simba watch Mufasa be thrown to his death and stampeded over.



But, that was one of the lighter moments in comparison to how dark pitches and concepts for Disney films could really be when the creators thought about a much darker premise for the films.

Frozen could have been a drastically different movie if the film moved forward with one of the movie’s original outlines. Bambi’s mother’s death, which is already looked at as being one of the most tragic deaths in Disney movies, could have been significantly more depressing had the movie allowed the original full scenes to play out, rather than the implication Bambi gives the audience.

Even Pixar films, such as Toy Story, Up, and Cars, could not escape darker storyline approaches that were ultimately far too dark to include in films that needed to be catered as family-friendly movies that were age-appropriate for children.

10 Tarzan (1999) – The Death of Tarzan’s Parents

Tarzan followed the love story of Tarzan and Jane. When Jane comes across an adult Tarzan, who lives like an animal, having spent his entire life growing up in the woods, she takes it upon herself to teach Tarzan what it means to be human, including educating him on how to read. However, while Tarzan does tease what must have happened to Tarzan’s parents in order for this to be his life, it could have been significantly worse.

The Cut Scene Features Brutal Deaths

Rather than just implying that Tarzan’s parents have been killed by the animals of the jungle somehow, the cut scene would have portrayed the terrifying and graphic moment of when and how they were attacked by dangerous animals. Such a scene would probably have been enough to scare little kids away from continuing the film.

So, the decision to remove such a moment from the film, especially as it would have occurred at the beginning of the movie, was probably a decent idea. The scene would have only been more terrifying when adding in the background music of Phil Collins’, “You’ll Be in My Heart” occurring in the background. Stream on Disney+.

9 Bambi (1942) – Bambi’s Mother’s Shooting

As an adult who has not watched Bambi in years, the film may be about a young deer who ends up becoming best friends with Thumper, the rabbit. While that is a large part of the plot, Bambi is also a coming-of-age story about Bambi’s growing up, fear of human hunters in the woods, and the aftermath of his mother’s tragic death.

Bambi’s Mother’s Death Could Have Been Worse

Already known as being one of the biggest tear-jerker moments in Disney history, it actually could have been a lot more traumatizing. In the way that the scene ultimately plays out in the film’s release, Bambi’s mother encourages him to run away as a shot is fired, but the story follows Bambi’s escape, followed by his running back after realizing his mother is not behind him.

His fear is emotional, but the movie could have been significantly more heart-wrenching if Disney had aired the full portrayal, in which the moment Bambi’s mother is hit by the bullet is captured on-screen. Such a moment would have been traumatizing for Bambi had he witnessed it, along with how children would likely have remembered that scene in more vivid detail. Stream on Disney+.



Release Date
August 14, 1942

David Hand

Hardie Albright , Stan Alexander , Bobette Audrey , Peter Behn , Thelma Boardman , Janet Chapman


8 Toy Story (1995) – Woody Throws Buzz Out the Window

Toy Story follows the journeys of Andy’s toys as they exhibit their own friendships and adventures when he leaves the room. In this case, Andy’s favorite toy, Woody, undergoes jealousy when Andy becomes attached to Buzz, a new toy that was gifted as a birthday present. Woody’s jealousy is a big part of the catalyst of the movie, but Woody could have been a much more villainous character.

Woody’s Original Plan Would Have Prevented Him from Being a Fan-Favorite

When Woody and Buzz are separated from Andy and the rest of the toys in the film, it is a massive accident. However, the rest of Andy’s toys prey on Woody’s jealousy to claim it to be his fault, even though it had not been purposeful. However, initially, it could have been purposeful. In a cut scene from Toy Story, Woody allows his jealousy to get the best of him, and he purposefully shoves Buzz out the window to get rid of him.

Such a decision would have prevented the beautiful enemies to friends dynamic that Woody and Buzz eventually grow into, because when Woody is not trying to purposefully bring harm to Buzz or get rid of him, it at least feels like Woody has a moral code in place. Stream on Disney+.

toy story

Toy Story

Release Date
October 30, 1995


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7 Up (2009) – The Original Ending of Charles Muntz

Up is mostly about Carl trying to make it up to his late wife Ellie for never going on the adventure they always said they would, which ultimately leads to Carl finding a family with Russell and Doug. However, the other big plot occurring is that Carl finally meets his long-time idol, Charles Muntz. The unraveling of Charles Muntz’s villain arc shows the worst version of meeting one’s idol. But, his traditionally more ambiguous Disney villain ending could have been far darker.

Up’s final product gives the impression that Charles Muntz is dead, or has at least been defeated, and is no longer a significant problem for the film’s heroes. However, the implication that he is just simply gone, is a far kinder approach than one of the original concepts. Charles was initially meant to follow Kevin into the labyrinth crags, which would then drive him into a further manic state of mind as he continued his never-ending search.

While it would have made for an interesting ending in a film made for teenagers or adults, it is not one that fits the classic family-friendly mold of Disney and Pixar, so they went with the safer decision. Stream on Disney+.



Release Date
May 28, 2009


6 Zootopia (2016) – Electrified Collars for Predators

Zootopia did a lot of things that allowed the film to discuss topics such as racism and prejudice. In the film, Judy Hopps is a meter maid who wants to prove she can be just as strong a police officer as any of her much larger colleagues. Along the way, she gets her opportunity when she teams up with con artist, Nick Wilde, and the opportunity to get to know each other better gives them both a stronger perspective of the other side’s struggle as they attempt to uncover a mystery.

Predators Were Initially Tortured

In Zootopia, the movie portrays that predators are the ones going rabid due to Dawn Bellwether’s scheme. Predators are looked at as dangerous by the rest of Zootopia’s civilians. Zootopia makes its point clearly with how the film plays out. But, it could have been way worse. In previous thoughts about how the movie would play out, there were iterations where the film’s predators, including Nick, were forced to deal with electric shock collars.

Torturing animals is never the right decision, and such a story choice in a Disney film would likely have been met with a significant amount of negative feedback. While Dawn Bellwether’s scheme surrounded turning predator animals into the enemy, Zootopia was right not to take it that far. Stream on Disney+.



Release Date
February 11, 2016


5 Frozen (2013) – Elsa Is the Villain

Frozen’s story is all about the familial sister relationship between Anna and Elsa. Their dynamic is the key to understanding Anna’s motivations throughout the film, as she is desperate to reunite with her sister, who has been freezing her out since they were children. However, unconditional love between sisters may not have been how Frozen initially concluded.

Elsa Could Have Been Evil

The people of Arendelle initially fear Elsa’s power, and their fear could have been justified. In the film, Elsa is terrified of her powers because of what her parents forced her to be. They had even prepared for the idea that if they failed, Elsa would need to be put away for the protection of others. While Elsa seems to initially fear herself as well, throughout the movie, Elsa realizes she can use her powers for good, and transforms into a misunderstood hero who can ultimately save the day from the constant snow.

A previous storyline could have found Elsa as the movie’s main antagonist, which would have made for a much darker relationship between Anna and Elsa, and stripped the movie of everything that fans ended up loving about it. Stream on Disney+.



Release Date
November 20, 2013


4 Alice in Wonderland (1951) – Alice’s Near Death

Alice in Wonderland found Alice experiencing a much more fantastical and dangerous world than she had previously encountered. When Alice enters Wonderland, she meets beings such as the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit. Alice certainly undergoes several dangerous interactions as she uncovers more about this new world.

Sticking Close to the Book Could Have Meant a Darker Movie

Before Alice in Wonderland was a movie, it was a novel that did not exist under Disney’s requirement to have all content be suitable for people of all ages. The film initially wanted to be as close to the book as possible. But, in doing so, it also would have meant including a far darker scene for Alice. The ending would have included Alice’s execution.

Although Alice’s execution was only a dream in the novel, going as far as to behead the main character in a Disney movie may have been pushing the envelope a bit. However, when Tim Burton led 2010’s live-action adaptation, the movie did take on a darker approach to the story and characters. Stream on Disney+.

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3 The Lion King (1994) – Scar Attempts To Force Nala Into Marriage

The Lion King tells the story of Simba, who, after being tricked into thinking that Mufasa’s death was his fault, escapes his home and instead forces his own new family with Timon and Pumba until Nala finds him, begging Simba to return home because of how Scar has ruined the Pride lands. In the end, Simba understands Scar to be the villain that he is, and defeats his uncle, taking control of his kingdom.

Scar Is More Than a Murderer in Cut Storylines

Scar’s main goal throughout The Lion King comes from desiring power and his jealousy towards Mufasa and Simba. However, a cut scene makes him a more problematic character than the willingness he showed to kill. In a scene that never made it into the finished product, Scar alludes to how far he is willing to go. Scar declares his plans to make Nala his wife, against her will, because he gets what he wants.

The scene shows Scar in a much more negative light. While it is a part of the catalyst for why Nala goes looking for Simba, the idea that Nala could have been terrified for her own personal safety under Scar’s dictatorship, rather than her desire to see a better world for her family and friends, is a much more horrifying concept. It certainly does not help how Scar concludes his interaction with Nala with a reprise of “Be Prepared.” Scar’s willingness to push himself on Nala was not okay, and had Disney left this scene in the movie, it could have been remembered as a vastly different film. Stream on Disney+.

2 Lilo and Stitch (2002) – Stitch Vs. Pudge

Lilo and Stitch is a story of friendship when two outcasts find each other. Lilo, who has never had any real friends, struggles to fit in among the other kids her age, who determine her to be too weird for them and write her off. Meanwhile, Stitch has literally landed on a different planet. While Stitch has some instinctual tendencies, the story is meant to be about family and friendship.

Stitch Could Have Been Far Darker

However, in an earlier take on the movie, Lilo and Stitch could have incorporated a much more rabid portrayal of Stitch. At one point in a deleted scene, Lilo and her pet fish, Pudge, are attacked by a group of seagulls. Rather than jumping in to help, Stitch just sits on the sidelines and laughs.

Although he is not physically attacking anyone himself, it is certainly a more psychotic side of the character and one that could have prevented the familial dynamic that Lilo and Stitch eventually create. At the conclusion of the scene, Lilo buries her pet fish beside her parents’ graves. It was a particularly graphic and difficult scene to get behind, especially in a movie that was meant for kids to enjoy. Stream on Disney+.

1 Cars (2006) – The Car Graveyard

Race car champion Lightning McQueen’s life changes forever when his journey is derailed, and he ends up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Now, this big city race car is stuck with small-town vehicles. But, being in town actually changes Lightning McQueen’s life for the better, and Mater ends up being his best friend for the entire trilogy.

The Audience Avoids a Disturbing Sight

In a deleted concept from the original story, Lightning McQueen was initially supposed to drive through a car graveyard, becoming a witness to several dead cars. It would have been a particularly vicious sight, and one that neither Lightning McQueen nor the audience really needed. While this is not a particularly violent scene, it still would have been a disturbing approach, as none of the cars would have been buried in the ground, but all just lying there in ways that made it as clear as possible that none of these cars were in working order anymore. Stream on Disney+.



Release Date
June 8, 2006


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