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10 Biggest Theories For Outer Range Season 2


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  • Autumn’s identity as Amy from the future will likely be fully explained in Outer Range Season 2, with a focus on both characters.
  • The time travel rules in Outer Range might be more fleshed out to create consistency and address contradictions.
  • The future might be always changing in Outer Range, thus affecting Autumn’s memories.



Outer Range season 2 premiers in 2024, and it is impossible not to create theories and speculate about what will happen next on Prime Video’s time travel TV show starring Josh Brolin. The first eight episodes of Outer Range concluded with Royal realizing Autumn was Amy from the future, which solved a few mysteries but created a lot of new ones. There are more questions than answers available following Outer Range season 1’s finale, which makes season 2 very exciting.

The best TV shows about time travel are the ones in which a character traveling through time is not the most interesting thing about the story. This applies to Outer Range, which includes family drama, multi-generation storylines, and several mysteries that are associated with the Void. From Amy/Autumn’s complete story to what the hole really is, Outer Range has plenty of options to surprise viewers.

10 Autumn’s Identity In Outer Range Will Be Fully Explained

Autumn was revealed to be Amy

Outer Range season 1’s finale all but confirmed Autumn is Amy from the future. From Autumn having the same scar as Amy to the montage showcasing both characters, Outer Range episode 8 left no doubt that Amy becomes Autumn at some point. However, there is still a lot to be learned about Autumn. Considering season 1 ends with Royal saying that Amy isn’t gone as a reference to Autumn being there, Outer Range season 2’s premiere might focus on both versions of the character. Season 2 may show more of Amy and Autumn’s timelines, perhaps better establishing where (and when) Autumn comes from.

9 Outer Range’s Time Travel Rules Will Be More Fleshed Out

How does Outer Range’s time travel work?

Outer Range is one of the most interesting time travel shows in years, as it combines the sci-fi aspect with a metaphysical and religious approach. That said, as much as Outer Range is a mystery box show, any time travel story is made better when the time travel rules are consistent. So far, Outer Range has displayed quite a few different examples of characters traveling through time, both to the past and the future, and it is unclear how everything works. For example, Billy died in season 1, episode 10, yet he was next to Autumn when Royal visited the future. Additionally, Sheriff Joy went back in time without falling down the Void.

8 Outer Range Season 2 Will Confirm The Future Is Always Changing

Royal and Autumn may be changing the future

Royal out of the void surrounded by soldiers in Outer Range

Given how Billy was alive when Royal went a couple of years into the feature, Outer Range will likely establish that the future is not set in stone. Billy never died in the original timeline Royal visited after Autumn pushed him down the hole, yet the future was changed once Royal killed him in the finale. Establishing that the future is always changing would also make Outer Range’s time travel rules more consistent, as there have been some contradictions already when it comes to links between the present and future. The only other option would be to introduce the concept of alternate realities, which would explain why Billy was still alive in that universe.

7 Outer Range Season 2 Will Visit Autumn’s Future Timeline

Where (and when) does Autumn come from exactly?

Josh Brolin and Amanda Poots as Royal and Autumn in Outer Range greeting each other

The line between flashback and flashforward becomes blurry when discussing a character like Autumn, who is currently “out of time.” In theory, Autumn’s past is already being shown through Amy’s present life. However, Outer Range still needs to reveal what happened to Amy that made her change so much, as well as what led her to discover time travel. Autumn seemingly does not remember who she was, but the show implies she has some sort of family she can reach out to when in need. This family may be Rebecca, in which case Outer Range would have to reveal how they first came into touch in the future.

6 The Changes In The Timeline Are Affecting Autumn In Outer Range

Autumn’s future keeps changing

A closeup of Autumn in Outer Range season 1, episode 8

Establishing Autumn’s origin story may be too difficult simply because the future where she comes from is always changing. Assuming Outer Range season 2 will indeed establish that the future can change, this would explain why Autumn keeps having memory lapses and showing symptoms of mental health conditions – her mind is tied to a future that no longer exists. Every action Autumn makes in the past changes her future, and her brain might not be able to keep up with it. This would be a “Back to the Future family picture” type of story, except the picture that keeps changing with the timeline is Autumn’s mind.

5 Outer Range Season 2 Will Reveal Everything Is A Closed Loop

Outer Range may get even more complicated

Time travel shows can get complicated very quickly, especially when everything is revealed to be a closed loop. Although it is still early to try to decipher Outer Range’s timeline, there are some strong clues that the show’s main events are connected through a loop. In other words, Autumn’s actions in the past are setting up the future in which Amy becomes Autumn and goes back in time – a snake chasing its own tale. Rebecca’s relationship with Amy/Autumn also seems to be part of a closed loop, as the reason why she went back and reached out to Amy may be tied to Autumn’s plans.

4 Royal Will Try To Rewrite His Family’s History In Outer Range Season 2

Royal wants to make things right “this time”

Josh Brolin as Royal in Outer Range

Despite the complexity of the mysteries surrounding Outer Range, Royal has a very clear goal – he wants to keep his family together. At the end of season 1, Royal apologizes to his wife and all but admits he is the reason why his family is falling apart. However, Royal also says he wants do to things again, and this time he wants to do it right. While this may just be metaphorical, the fact Royal can go back in time using the Void means he can actually go back and do things differently. This would make Outer Range’s time travel plot trickier, though, with two Royals existing in the same period.

3 Someone Will Become Their Own Ancestral In Outer Range Season 2

There are not too many old families in Outer Range

Rebecca talking to Amy in Outer Range

If Outer Range reveals everything is part of a closed loop, then the chances someone is their own ancestor becomes very high. There are not many families who have been living in that area since the 19th century, and by the time Royal went to 1968, the Abbotts had already established themselves. Royal may have been welcomed by the very family he ran from in 1886, which would be the least complicated outcome considering all the options available. For example, Perry could have gone to any point in time, including the distant past, and become the father or grandfather of his own dad. The Tylerson and Abbott families might be connected too.

2 Outer Range Season 2 Will Keep The Origins Of The Hole A Mystery

The Void will not be explained

A custom image featuring Royal and the void in Outer Range

Outer Range needs to bring more answers in season 2 instead of just introducing more mystery boxes. That said, the show should not reveal the origins of the hole right away – maybe never. There is a sci-fi aspect to the series, but not everything should be explained. Keeping the nature of the Void a mystery can make the show way more interesting, as the characters would keep trying to make sense of something that cannot be explained. Outer Range discusses greed and exploration of natural resources, which is why the Void should be something none of the characters can decipher.

1 Other Outer Range Characters Will Meet Their Alternate Versions

Autumn and Amy won’t be the only ones

A custom image featuring Autumn and Royal in Outer Range

So far, Autumn is the only known character to have met a younger version of herself, Amy – and vice versa. Assuming Outer Range will explore different points in the timeline and will see even more characters traveling through time, a person meeting their younger or older self will likely happen quite a few times. For example, if Royal goes back in time a couple of weeks to try fixing things, the show will have two identical Royals existing at the same time. Likewise, if the version of Rebecca who appeared at the end is from the future, two Rebeccas are living in 2022.

Outer Range is streaming on Prime Video.

Outer Range

Release Date
April 15, 2022

Shaun Sipos , Lewis Pullman , Isabel Arraiza , Imogen Poots , Tom Pelphrey , Noah Reid , Lili Taylor , Tamara Podemski , Olive Abercrombie , Josh Brolin


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