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10 Best Anthology TV Series Like True Detective: Night Country

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Now that True Detective: Night Country has come to an end, it’s safe to say that fans of the HBO anthology series were elated by the show’s turn towards the supernatural. In this season, we follow Chief Liz Danvers (Jodi Foster) and Trooper Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) in a fascinating mystery surrounding the morbid yet peculiar deaths of research scientists. Based in Ennis, Alaska, the show chronicles the rising tensions between miners and residents, the Indigenous community’s overlooked concerns, and the complicated relationships between family members.



While many had their reservations about the fourth season due to the transition towards seemingly supernatural horror, True Detective: Night Countrypremiered to rave reviews back in January 2024. In light of its recent success, these 10 anthology series come to mind when discussing similarly suspenseful shows that are perfect to watch next, be it for their leaning into the macabre or embrace of chilling mysteries.

10 Tell Me a Story (2018-2020)

Tell Me a Story embraces the darkness that lingers around classic tales like Hansel and Gretel,Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. With a cast including Danielle Campbell, Paul Wesley, and Billy Magnussen, the stories embedded in this anthology series are often brooding and bleak, removing the whimsical nature of the source material and allowing their actors to navigate a similarly sulky atmosphere.

A Bleak Rendition of Familiar Tales

Both finding their characters in similarly dull yet intriguing settings, Tell Me a Story might lack the same imagination that finds itself thriving in True Detective, but the series interestingly dissects long-told tales and opens them up to further investigation through their reinterpretation. Ultimately, it brings a high level of suspense to seemingly innocent and familiar stories, crafting new tales that are just interesting enough to explore from a different angle. Stream on Paramount+

9 The After Party (2022-2023)

All the murder suspects stare at a TV in season 1 of The After Party
Apple TV+

The After Party is a mystery-comedy anthology that sees people from different walks of life incriminated after the shocking murder of a mutual peer of theirs. The series waltzes through the mystery with a silliness similar to that of Clue, while also employing familiar tropes commonly seen in the works of Agatha Christie. What’s more, the show’s eccentric characters make a typical tale of secrets and lies much more entertaining.

A Lighter, Insightful Look into Mysteries

While True Detective: Night Country‘s darker storytelling suggests a permeating bleakness, the subtle banter between Liz and Banter offers some semblance of brightness and innocence in an otherwise troubling tragedy. The After Party fully leans into a similar delight, reveling in its most hilarious moments while retaining the traditional tropes of a good mystery. After a heavy dramatic thriller, The After Party might be the next destination for anyone looking for a lighter counterpart. Stream on Apple TV+

8 Why Women Kill (2019-2021)

why women kill

A series titled Why Women Kill seems like it needs no elaboration. Nonetheless, the anthology show takes its time and thus excels at not only illustrating the motivations behind these women’s decisions, but also centers on the women themselves.

A Fascinating and Mysterious Journey Through Time

Analyzing different relationships in distinct eras, Why Women Kill offers an insightful look into the dramatic lives of complex women and their far more complicated relationship dynamics. Within the confusion and deceit lies a narrative that is as electrifying as it is bloodcurdling.

The seemingly innocuous normalcy that surrounds these respective couples serves as the perfect playground for the showrunners’ dark intentions. From its manipulation of time and its poignant commentary, Why Women Kill may be the women-centered thriller that fans of True Detective will also come to appreciate. Stream on Paramount+

7 The Terror (2018-2019)

The Terror sees the Dan Simon novel of the same name transformed into a gritty drama that blurs the line between reality and fiction. Whether it be in the bitter cold of the Arctic or the harrowing internment camps that brutalized Japanese-Americans, the series excellently explores often overlooked historical events through its stellar use of supernatural horror.

A Gripping Amalgamation of Truth and Imagination

The Terror closely matches True Detective: Night County in its comparably morbid stories about grief, greed, and curiosity. With the absence of law enforcement from the center of the narrative, The Terror uses otherwise ordinary characters to rely on a universal sense of empathy and intrigue. Stream on AMC+

6 The Sinner (2017-2021)

the sinner

The Sinner

Release Date
August 9, 2017

Bill Pullman , Jessica Hecht , Michael Mosley , Alice Kremelberg , Cindy Cheung , Neal Huff


Initially introduced to the world as a miniseries before it became an anthology, The Sinner gave audiences an interesting twist to the familiar police procedural. Focused on a seemingly random murder and the woman behind it, Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) attempts to figure out her motives, leading to a page-turning expedition towards the unexpected truth.

An Unpredictable Set of Murder Mysteries

The Sinner left audiences shocked with its unforgettable twists. Coupled with gratifying performances from celebrated actors like Pullman, Jessica Biel, and Carrie Coon, the series rarely falters. Instead, the investigations presented help create a recognizable and alluring universe of its own with its concrete mysteries, much like True Detective: Night Country. Stream on Netflix

5 The Haunting Netflix Series (2018-Present)

Comprising The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor (so far), The Haunting Netlix Series is a riveting horror anthology that focuses on a series of haunted houses and the lives they claim. From Game of Thrones alum Michiel Huisman to You star Victoria Pedretti, the series boasts powerful performances that complement truly chilling scenarios for a curious audience.

A Timeless Tale for the Modern Viewer

These Netflix horror TV adaptations of Shirley Jackson’s novels lift the harrowing words from the pages. Throughout the series, the chilling past creeps up on various characters, much like the folks within True Detective: Night Country. However, while the past is unearthed through careful interrogation in the latter, The Haunting series sees the past morph into an unruly titan, following after each soul with a relentlessness, prompting them to face what they have longed to leave behind. Stream on Netflix

4 Slasher (2016-Present)



Release Date
March 4, 2016

Aaron Martin

Paula Brancati , Salvatore Antonio , Christopher Jacot , Joanne Vannicola , Sabrina Grdevich


Slasher is a Chiller original that chronicles different murder mysteries throughout its five seasons. Known for its gruesome murders, the anthology series offers an entertaining and terrifying look into the enabling factors behind the grotesque rampages. Incorporating discussions of wealth, social media, and law enforcement, the show benefits from a digestible premise and great writing.

A Character-Driven Odyssey

Much like True Detective: Night Country, Slasher doesn’t shy away from displaying the darkness within its antagonists and the morally gray targets of such viciousness. Motivated by a bevy of injustices, the anthology similarly operates as a socially aware series that attempts to highlight the customs and systems in place that leave everyone jaded, and some willing enough to do the unthinkable. Stream on Netflix

3 Black Mirror (2011-Present)

Black Mirror Poster

Black Mirror

Release Date
December 4, 2011

Main Genre



Black Mirror appeared to many as an examination of the ways technology molded the modern human motives behind some of the most destructive decisions in their lives, but surely unveiled itself as a poignant peek into human folly, hubris, and rage.

A Suspenseful Satire with Much to Admire

While the Netflix anthology doesn’t emulate True Detective‘s season-long dedication to a sole mystery, each Black Mirror episode similarly relies on a particular suspense to drive the plot, resulting in unforgettable conclusions that echo many concerns about interpersonal connections, self-image issues, and surveillance. Stream on Netflix

2 The White Lotus (2021-Present)

Another HBO favorite, The White Lotus follows a group of vacationers escaping to what they believe is paradise. Despite running away from their various issues, the anthology shines a light on their unsavory vices and the systems that enables their entitlement.

A Darkly Comedic Take on Travel

Much like the beginning of each story on True Detective, The White Lotus opens with news of a gruesome death before pulling back and exposing the facilitating factors of such devastation at every increment. However, The White Lotus’ fascinating examination of wealth through the lens of travel provides viewers with stellar shots of Earth’s most beautiful landscapes, enigmatic and morally dubious characters, and witty commentary about various forms of exploitation. Stream on Max

1 Fargo (2014-Present)



Release Date
April 15, 2014



Fargo is a riveting crime anthology that focuses on stories of deceit and violence within the American Midwest. With each season offering distinct yet compelling performances from their respective ensemble cast, the show offers audiences a uniquely satisfying experience that plays with reality and fiction, taking the essence of the film of the same name and ultimately creating a new and exciting set of episodic stories to dive into.

A Bright Cluster of Characters and Chronicles

With a similar quality in writing and a bevy of exceptional talent at the helm of their respective stories, it’s not all that surprising that fans of True Detective and Fargo tend to overlap. The FX series creates compelling characters with secrets curdling under the surface, and spends each season documenting their harrowing experiences with an unforgettably rich and sardonic humor. Stream on Hulu

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